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Introducing new Model RA-060

Pet Wash Enclosure

Dog’s title as “Man’s Best Friend” has been around for almost 15,000 years and has transgressed borders and cultures around the world. Throughout history, dogs have played many roles for people such as hunter, herder, protector, aid and most importantly, companion. Today, they continue to play this special part in our daily lives as our kid’s first play partner, family’s private security guard and even our own personal trainer! Every dog-owner can relate to the sense that dogs have truly become an important contributor to the family

Currently, dogs are genuinely being treated like man’s equal counterpart with their own specific clothes, yummy treats and even doggie hotels. The extremity that owners go to in order to make their special friends feel at home is truly unique, yet we found it amazing that there was still nothing our there specifically designed for dogs to help owners wash these busy pets! Every dog-owner knows the energy consuming fiasco required with washing these furry pals in our kitchen sinks and bathtubs, along with the mess afterwards. For this reason, we have developed the Home Pet Spa that will not only make our life easier but your dog’s more enjoyable.

Easy to store in your garage, basement or laundry room, you can now keep your dog clean in the comfort of your own home without worrying about the groomer or the cleanliness of your home. Our unique design offers your dog a relaxing experience in our special dog wash with its strategically positioned jets and massagers, while you give your soapy furry friend the bath he needs with little effort. Large or small, fluffy or hairless and young or old, every dog will enjoy this pet-friendly spa as you will its groomer-like results!

Key features:

  • Mist Jets for Total Soaking
  • Entry and Exit Doors
  • No installation needed
  • Dog safety restraints
  • Easy Connection to any Faucet in the House
  • Extendable, Flexible Drain
  • Suitable for almost any size pet


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